A New York native, I grew up with a father who loved business and a mother who loved accessories. I started JUSTIN GREGORY after the birth of my second son in 1992. The company is named after my two boys. Originally I would import luxurious leather gloves from Italy then truck around the NYC Fashion District finding the perfect buttons, trims and baubles to create trendy designs. I would hand punch a paper pattern and knock on Fashion District factory doors to get the trims attached. WHEW! Have we grown since then. My design philosophy is stay a head of the trends by looking to everything from architecture to home goods to paint colors. What can I say, I have an “eye for accessorizing” that has turned JUSTIN GREGORY into a sought out brand by boutiques and international department stores alike. Today I have an in-house team of designers and support staff that keep our company current and successful. As for me, over 25 years in business and living the life I love.

Peace, Love & Accessories-